Sydnee Michaels: Sunday Interview 2015

Q. Tied for fourth currently, best finish for you. What was working for you this whole week?

SYDNEE MICHAELS: I switched my putting to lefthand low on Tuesday and that has been my problem. I know I've been hitting it really well, I just haven't been able to convert anything. I just said I'm going to give it a shot. It was a huge difference.

Q. What made you to decide to switch?

SYDNEE MICHAELS: I was just so frustrated not making putts. I knew that I have a little bit of a funky setup with a standard grip, and with the lefthand low it kind of just gets me right in the right spot.

Q. Did you work with your coach or was that something you kind of came up with on your own?

SYDNEE MICHAELS: Well, he's been wanting me to switch to lefthand low for a while, but I was arguing that I didn't have the same feel so I didn't want to give it a shot. But this week I was just like, I can't do it anymore.

Q. You were pretty consistent throughout the whole week, two 5unders as well as two 2unders. What was it like with the fivehour delay yesterday and having to come out and play quite a bit of golf today?

SYDNEE MICHAELS: It's really challenging and you really have to pace yourself. I just kept telling myself it's a marathon, it's not a race. Yeah, I mean, it's hard. The golf tournaments are hard enough and then throw that into it, it's really hard to keep your focus and you're tired, but we made it.

Q. Headed into Evian and then of course the Asian swing, how is that kind of weighing on you, is that good momentum going forward?

SYDNEE MICHAELS: For sure. My goal was to get into the two Asian events in the beginning of the year next year just to kind of set me up. I think this will probably put me pretty far forward for that goal.

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