Austin Ernst: Sunday Interview 2015

Q. Just come up a little short there, you felt like?

AUSTIN ERNST: I didn't really make any putts all week, I don't feel like. It's a little disappointing with that. Obviously still had a chance there at the end, so I missed one. Speed was a little bit off on a couple putts today like on 14 and 16. The putt on 14 hit it just a little bit too hard and didn't break, and then on 16 just didn't quite hit it hard enough. Kris played great. I think I saw shot 65, so hats off to her for playing an unbelievable round today.

Q. Speed just a little off on 18?

AUSTIN ERNST: No, it actually hopped. There was like a little bit of Zoysia got into the Bermuda and it just hopped off that. It was a really solid putt.

Q. What happened on 17?

AUSTIN ERNST: 17 I laid it up, kind of pulled my shot way up, had a little bit farther than I wanted, 117, didn't hit a great iron shot, hit it a little past and then hit a terrible putt about six feet below the hole and made that one for par to have a chance coming into 18, and obviously you saw 18.

Q. Second best finish on tour, pretty good progress for you?

AUSTIN ERNST: Yeah, it's nice when I feel like I haven't made any putts this week and I was right there on Sunday. You know, I know what I need to work on, I need to putt a little bit better. I had a few opportunities early in the round that I kind of let get away. Just need to keep getting better on the greens.

Q. Think Yani's putt was in there on 18?

AUSTIN ERNST: I thought it was in. That club had a lot of hole. Yeah, that was dirty there.

Q. What do you think on several holes, 14, 15, 16  15 you ended up having a bad lie on the downside of the rough, even getting up and down was pretty good there. Do you think on 14 and 16 you make either of those and you change the dynamics?

AUSTIN ERNST: I mean, (inaudible). The putt on 14 and 16 I hit two solid putts, so it was just speed was a little bit off. The one on 14 was just a little bit too hard. The putt on 16 just didn't quite hit it hard enough. I just needed to putt it a little bit more there.

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