Austin Ernst: Saturday Interview 2015

Q. Obviously not as much golf as you wanted to get in today. What was going through your mind during that fivehour delay?

AUSTIN ERNST: You know, we were sitting around, hanging around. I've got two of my aunts are here, my mom's here, and we've got a couple family friends so we were just kind of sitting around talking, basically just waiting to see what the deal would be. I was glad we did get a few holes in, that way we should be able to finish tomorrow so that will be good.

Q. Taking the solo lead again, I mean obviously you have a lot to play tomorrow. How were the conditions out there once you guys did get on the course?

AUSTIN ERNST: The greens were a little softer, but other than that, I mean, it played pretty similar. The greens weren't any slower. The air was a little bit heavier so the ball wasn't going quite as far as it went the first two days. And then the greens would get a little bit more spin back than we had earlier in the week; they would just kind of hit and stop, but they wouldn't really spin. They're spinning a little bit more on those first few holes.

Q. Now, tomorrow you're going to have over 30 holes to play. What's the game plan, and is there a mindset that you have to change?

AUSTIN ERNST: It's going to be a marathon. There's a lot of golf left. I think I have 31, 31 holes left because I still need to putt out on 5. It will basically just be get as many birdies as I can. I know the scores are still going to be low. It's just going to be more continuous golf than usual. We'll finish that third round up and then probably get a little lunch break and go right back out there. It will be good, kind of be able to get into a little bit of a groove early hopefully and then just kind of carry that on throughout the day.

Q. Where's your placement on 5?

AUSTIN ERNST: I'm about eight feet behind the hole for birdie.

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