Yani Tseng: Friday Interview 2015

Q. Stellar round out there, finishing up at 18 and taking the solo lead. What was working well for you there?

YANI TSENG: I think it just feels like this course suits my game. I feel very comfortable and confident out there. I'm just kind of getting back to enjoy playing golf again and it was so much fun to play with Stacy. She made a bunch of birdies and we kind of kept that momentum keep going, so it was fun today.

Q. It looked like you guys were kind of feeding off each other on the front nine out there. I know yesterday Stacy kind of gave you a pat on the back and said it's great to have you back, the old Yani. How did you take that into today?

YANI TSENG: It's amazing how she said that to me, especially we're good friends but we're competitors at the same time, too. It's just so  it feels, I don't know how to describe it. I'm just so happy that she told me that. And today I'm just, it's a new day so I wasn't thinking as much, but it still for sure gave me some good confidence out there. Just want to keep playing as happy Yani and just enjoy it.

Q. Can you take us through your eagle on 17?

YANI TSENG: Yeah. I had a good drive down the left side a little bit and I had  how far I have second shot? 190 to the pin and 185 to front, and I hit 6iron because it was downwind where we were playing, and then pitched perfect where we wanted it and finished about four feet and made eagle from there.

Q. It must have been tough, you make eagle and then they call the weather delay out there?


Q. What was going through your mind?

YANI TSENG: We were hoping we just need five more minutes to finish the shot. Especially when we come out, my eyes (inaudible), that's why I was taking extra time on the green on my second shot. But still happy to finish with birdie, eaglebirdie the last two holes. Can't wait to come out tomorrow. It will be a brand new day, but we'll keep the same strategy and make as much birdies as I can tomorrow.

Q. It definitely seems like a bomber's course out here completely fitting your game. How do you think for going into this weekend to really try to play aggressive and take charge?

YANI TSENG: Just like I say, keep the same strategy. There's nothing special for the weekend. Will be like same as this two days. We have some shortcuts on this course and I think me and my caddie, we really figured out this course to play and just need to see the shot and have fun tomorrow.

Q. Heading into the next major next week at Evian and of course the Asian swing and all that. How does that weigh on your mind, and have you been working on your game to tweak it at all?

YANI TSENG: Oh, I've been working on my game forever like every day. It's just exciting. I really want to win a tournament for sure. We only have probably seven, eight tournaments left, but it's never too late. Just very happy my game's really coming back. I'm really happy to playing golf on the course and just I want to win. But it doesn't matter, it will come. O it doesn't matter if it's this week or next week or next year, just try to be patient as much as I can and stay positive.

Q. I noticed yesterday when you made bogey after 18 Stacy put her arm around you and said that you looked like the Yani of old yesterday. What did she say to you and what has kind of her advice been?

YANI TSENG: Yeah, Stacy's amazing. It feels you do have friends out here that really care about you. I don't know how to describe the feeling because we are good friends but at the same time we're competitors, too. I'm just very happy I can be back in the winning circle to compete with them again. I think the most important thing is I'm just out there. I'm happy and stay relaxed and really enjoy every shot I'm hitting.

Q. What's your outlook at the leaderboard right now, a lot of Americans and also WeiLing is up there. Do you have a relationship with her?

YANI TSENG: Yeah, she's from Taiwan but we're different generations. She's very young and I'm kind of old. She's a rookie and she's very consistent. We played a couple times golf and I know her. We went out for dinner, but we never talked about much on the golf course but like for the golf. We're good friends and we're just happy to see the rookie, she's a rookie and play on the LPGA Tour that she always dreaming about it. So it's good to see her play well.

Q. Stacy said the difference with you is when you're driving the ball well, they can't compete basically, she said. She said she saw that yesterday out of you.

YANI TSENG: That sounds good.

Q. Is that the key to your game, driving the golf ball?

YANI TSENG: That is. If I can drive the ball well, I can stay aggressive, is what I always play aggressive. If I can put my ball in position, I'm going to really have fun on the course. Especially a course like this, it's good for a long hitter. If I can keep on the fairway, I'm going to play well. But you have to putt well, too. I can really see my shot and hit those good drives on the golf course.

Q. Was it tough  I know you saw flashes early in the year. Was it just tough to trust the changes you were undergoing because it seems like it's come back recently the last month or two?

YANI TSENG: Yeah, just hard work is paying off. I'm very happy to work with my coach Claude Harmon and working with my mental coach and just my trainer. All three coach are new for me this year, but I'm just happy the way I changed. There is something you have to change and I've been trying to change so many different things, it finally works out. Like I say, all the hard work is just paying off. Just stay patient and I'm just so many years of golf, this year for sure, the season's going to end soon, but it's never too late winning a tournament again. I think just matter of time, but I will stay patient and stay happy out there.

Q. What's the main thing you and Claude have been working on? What's kind of the main swing change?

YANI TSENG: Not much, just a little bit of takeaway. He say my takeaway's much better now, so just kind of to shorten my backswing a little bit. Very, very simple thing. I only see Claude like a couple months, once in three, four months because he was so busy on the PGA TOUR, but the way he give me the things I can work on are just so simple. That's why when I doing something without him, I can still work something out. And then just very happy to work with Bob Rotella and he really helps me out with my mental, to see the shot to get back my game.