Stacy Lewis: Friday Interview 2015

Q. You kind of looked like Nostradamus here with the thing of "Yani's back" yesterday.

STACY LEWIS: I wasn't surprised. She was close to doing that yesterday, so it was good. It was fun, on the front nine we both had it going, kind of making birdies back and forth. It was pretty cool.

Q. Better round today than yesterday?

STACY LEWIS: Yeah, a little bit. I still haven't put it all together. A bit of a frustrating round. I had a good front nine, had it going, played 10 really good holes and then just kind of stalled the last eight.

Q. I know last year you said this was maybe the best you hit the ball all year in any event and then just couldn't get anything rolling on the greens. Did these greens give you trouble or something?

STACY LEWIS: No. Today was  the last couple days just have been a combination of things not hitting it. You've got to hit it in the right places, that's the biggest thing on these greens. I've actually rolled it pretty good, just kind of putting everything together and just cleaning up the little things.

Q. I know you said with Yani yesterday it was the driver that you noticed that made you think she was the Yani of old. Is that what you saw today. With her is it just simply the driver over the last couple years you felt like?

STACY LEWIS: It's kind of the mentality and just the way that she plays. You can see she's confident, she's firing at pins that are tucked and hidden in there close. She hits it so far and hits the irons so high that they have a lot of spin on it so she's able to kind of attack pins that nobody else is. But it's fun to see, it's fun to see her playing the way she should be.

Q. Can anyone get it rolling like she can when she's really playing? Back on that stretch on 11, is it Inbee or where does she rank?

STACY LEWIS: She ranks so far ahead of everybody else I've ever played with as far as just the way she played in her  when she was playing her best there. She was the dominant No. 1 just because of the way she drives the ball. She hits it so far that she can reach par 5s that nobody else is thinking about getting close to. So if she can keep this up, I'd hope she'd make another run at No. 1 again.

Q. What have you noticed this year that's been different? You said driving the ball. Is it mentality wise, too? How do you get that back?

STACY LEWIS: You know, she switched swing coaches and she actually started working with my trainer and I think you get a process. You get kind of a method that works and that's what you're seeing, somebody who's confident in what they're doing and knowing that what you're working on is the right thing. It's just all confidence in getting her back. It was coming earlier in the year and you could tell she didn't quite trust it. She's starting to trust it a little more and that's what you're seeing.

Q. Do you kind of feel like it's 2011 all over again with chasing Yani on the weekend?

STACY LEWIS: Yeah, we're kind of going back in the day here a little bit. But yeah, it's cool. I mean, I just think she changed the way that women play and women thought about playing just hitting it far and going and finding it. I don't know, it's just great. As a friend, it's great to see her playing good again.

Q. I saw you walking off the green after the delay, didn't seem like that came at the best time. Pretty frustrating not being able to finish there?

STACY LEWIS: Yeah, I kind of yelled at the rules official and asked if we could have 10 more minutes, but they wouldn't let us. Just kind of frustrating. You had some rhythm there going and you have to hit a little bit different shot coming out of a delay, but just glad we were able to get it in tonight.

Q. What's got to change to challenge on the weekend in your game?

STACY LEWIS: Just cleaning up the rounds, just being a little more specific with targets and hitting it to the right places on the greens. You're going to make a few putts. You've just got to hit it to the right places and give yourself the best looks.

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