Janie Jackson: Thursday Interview 2015

JANIE JACKSON: (interview in process) about 13 holes yesterday or the day before yesterday, sorry. So I had a good feeling. I like the golf course, I know it, I've played it a few times, it's in good shape so I had a good feeling.

Q. What were some of the pluses today? (Inaudible.)

JANIE JACKSON: I did, I doubled five. I just kind of got quick from the top off the tee and lost my ball out to the right and couldn't find it so I had to retee. Other than that, that was really only my big hiccup during the day, and after that I made six birdies, I think, coming in.

Q. So you played here in 2011 when you were in high school?


Q. How did you do then?

JANIE JACKSON: I shot 7867 to make the cut I think by maybe one or two, and then just kind of average.

Q. Was that your first event?

JANIE JACKSON: That was my first pro event, yeah, here four years ago.

Q. And coming back and having a chance to do this this week, what is this like for you?

JANIE JACKSON: It's awesome. You know, playing in a pro event's one thing and playing in your home state is another, along with seven other girls who have played at Alabama. Emma, who's still there with me now. Yeah, we're really excited.

Q. So I see the hat because I talked to Emma earlier, is that in support?

JANIE JACKSON: Yeah, absolutely, mine and Emma's best friend, Abby (inaudible) for her brother, yeah. We planned to wear them today.

Q. Did you get any funny looks? I know she said she did.

JANIE JACKSON: Just from my coach. He walked up to me at the turn and said, Yeah, you're wearing blue and Emma's wearing orange. I said, Well, we're wearing our hats.

Q. What's it like for the class schedule for you this week, how many hours are you taking?

JANIE JACKSON: 15 hours this fall. I missed Monday, Tuesday, I went Wednesday and I'm missing today and tomorrow. But the teachers are really understanding and supportive, especially for an event like this.

Q. So do you have homework?

JANIE JACKSON: Oh, yeah, I'll go to the hotel tonight and do a couple hours' worth of homework.

Q. Is that hard? It's worth the opportunity, of course.

JANIE JACKSON: Oh, yeah, it's definitely worth it, but being a studentathlete it's just part of the job.

Q. How do you think the Alabama team is going forward?

JANIE JACKSON: For this year? I think Emma and I talked about it a lot. I think we're going to have a great year. We only have one new freshman and she's a great talent from Texas. We all have a really good feeling about this year, we were talking about it last week with our coaches, so we're looking forward to this year.

Q. How do you think the course fared today  you said you had a few rounds in before  in difficulty?

JANIE JACKSON: The greens are quick but they're in great shape, so it's easy to make putts. Well, not easy, but when they're rolling well you tend to make more. The course is just pure, the fairways are good. Yeah, all around it's in great shape.

Q. How does it feel coming in having to play extra holes in the playoff and now you're just four shots off the lead right now?

JANIE JACKSON: The playoff was crazy. I kind of got into a bit of trouble on the first playoff hole in a bunker, made about a 12footer for par and managed to make par two more times to get in. That was kind of a confidence booster, you know, coming into the tournament. Like I said earlier, I was feeling pretty good about the tournament, so yeah.

Q. Now I know a lot of the girls said being in the morning wave conditions changed from when they teed off to now. You mentioned you struggled a little bit on the front nine, turned to the back nine and it was birdie fest.

JANIE JACKSON: Yeah, I like playing better in the morning than in the afternoon, especially down here in the heat, and obviously the golf course is just in better shape the earlier you play it, less people have been on it. Yeah, just kind of got off to a, not a bumpy start but yeah, lit it up on the back so it was nice.

Q. How did you like having your mom out?

JANIE JACKSON: Yeah, I like having my mom out. She's very positive, she never says anything negative. She doesn't know too much about golf, but I think that's honestly a good thing in a situation like this, she keeps me calm.

Q. Do you think she's going to do it for the whole weekend? She said "to be determined."

JANIE JACKSON: We'll see. My brother, it depends on if he can come down or not.

Q. What's his name?

JANIE JACKSON: My younger brother Miller.

Q. So you'll have somebody in the family on the bag then?


Q. Is he a golfer?

JANIE JACKSON: He is. He played in high school. He doesn't play in college. He's a sophomore at Alabama.

Q. Who else do you have here from your family?

JANIE JACKSON: Both my parents are here and then that's it from my family. Hopefully, my brother will come down, just depending. Then my coaches are here and obviously the other Alabama girls. I think some friends, family friends are going to come down tomorrow.

Q. Did you have your dad on the bag last time you were here?


Q. Is it better to have your mom or your dad on the bag?

JANIE JACKSON: I mean, that's tough to say. My dad knows a little bit more about the game, so it's easy for him to be I guess a bit harder on me on the course, whereas my mom, she's just uplifting the whole time.

Q. How are you able to steady yourself after seems like first pro event, 3over par through five, it would have been easy to get down and let it snowball, but you completely turned it around there.

JANIE JACKSON: In the qualifier I think I was 2over through five, but there's a lot of birdies out here, like I said, because the course is in such good shape. So I just had to stay positive and stay calm and be patient.

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