Ryann O'Toole: Thursday Interview 2015

Q. Stacy said it was a lot harder out there this morning than she was expecting, she said the wind was blowing. Did you find that too?

RYANN O'TOOLE: It's been windy all week so I was expecting that. It wasn't a surprise that it was still up. I played at 7:10 yesterday morning in the proam and it was breezy. What I noticed was the greens were even faster than yesterday or Tuesday. Yesterday I was like, wow, these are faster than Tuesday, but really rolled them and they really sped them up. It took me five holes to get really thinking that if you're above the hole, you just had to tap it. Breaks were breaking double of what you saw because of the speed change. So it took me a little bit to get used to that.

Other than that, I think that's the only defense that this course really has. If you're a long hitter, you can cut corners a bit and get yourself into having shorter irons in. But the greens having the speed they are, it's really position. You want to be in the correct quadrants.

Q. I know this course kind of fits you well then as a bomber. How important  you talked about you don't want to go to U.S. Open qualifying, you want to play in ANA next year, but also the short term goals, too, of playing in Asia and CME. How big is this week going to be?

RYANN O'TOOLE: This week is important. I'm in Evian, which obviously lessens the importance of this week, but the one thing that I look at is if I look at this time last year, I was fighting to keep my status. I had to make an incredible week just to give myself somewhat of status. Fortunately, I played pretty decent. I think I finished 5under for the tournament, but I had to go back to Q School. So if I look where I am now in relation, I've got to be happy where I stand and just look at it as stepping stones.

I've been journaling these mini goals and looking where I stand and looking at the money list and looking at, okay, the last two events, how much have I made and how much do I still need and kind of tracking it. I'm just going out here and obviously on the course playing one shot at a time, but at the back of my mind going, all right, just use this as one more stepping stone, get to Evian, one more stepping stone.

Q. I know it's been a long way back from the back injury, but being back out here this year, how's it gone after earning it in Q School and being out here the whole year this year?

RYANN O'TOOLE: I think going back to Q School, it's awful, you don't ever want to go back, it's stressful, it's not fun, but it just showed me, hey, look you're deserving out there. Taking third at Q School made me just go it's there, and just to trust what I've been working on with Jorge and my team. I think that's the biggest thing that I've  you know, and my sports psych Brent McCabe is constantly just reminding me look where you've come from, look where you are, look at the strides you've made. So I'm getting used to now playing on Saturdays and Sundays and that's nice.

I went through some different changes this year. Thursday rounds, I was, you know, shooting lows, and then Friday not playing as good and I had to learn, wait a second, you know. I had to like pull the reins back again and not go  I mean, yeah, of course you want to go out and win and all that, but sometimes top 20s and top 30s consistently bring on the top 10s, and I had to go okay, stepping stones again.

Q. And that was a little different Q School than normal with Sei Young there, Alison Lee, rookie on the Solheim Cup team.

RYANN O'TOOLE: Hana Kim. I asked my coach, he was on the bag, Who's this girl? He goes, Well, she is top 25 in the Rolex ranking. I was like, What is she here for?

Q. Minjee, who's won this year.

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