Brittany Lang: Thursday Interview 2015

Q. 7under first round for you. What was working out there?

BRITTANY LANG: It was just one of those days, it was so enjoyable. I wasn't thinking about a whole lot. Everything  you know, I was just super committed to seeing my shots, it was so much fun.

Q. Twoshot lead currently on the day, but how much was Solheim really weighing on you today?

BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, none because I'm on the team now. You know, I'm in a really nice place right now. I had one of my better years I've ever had, the Solheim pick's over with, I'm just in a really comfortable place, so I just felt really relaxed out there.

Q. Earlier reports coming in, the greens are some of the fastest they've had.

BRITTANY LANG: They are fast.

Q. How were you able to do what you did, and then how well do you think that'll hold up?

BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, they are fast. They're soft, though, which is good. They're soft coming into the green. But you can hit great shots and if you have a 10footer downhill, it's  you just barely have to touch it and it's getting to the hole. If you can stay below the hole, you can make quite a few birdies. They're quick but they're good, they're really good, and I think the girls will shoot some low scores this afternoon.

Q. What were some of the highlights and lowlights of your round?

BRITTANY LANG: I putted  I mean, I played pretty flawless golf. Even when I was making pars, I was burning the edge from 10 feet. You know, every hole I was right there. The highlights, the birdies on 16 and 17 were pretty big after the bogeys on 13 and 14. Kind of, I mean not stupid bogeys, small misses, but I stayed aggressive so I was excited with that. Stayed aggressive and made two bogeys, but it was really good to birdie 16 and 17.

Q. 13 you were in the back of the green, in that back pin placement?

BRITTANY LANG: I was left. I was trying to hit a high cut 7 and it needed like one or two more yards to cut in there. I thought the wind would push it and I just hit it straight on the left side. I didn't have too difficult of a chip and then I just didn't make the putt, but bogeys aren't going to kill you.

Q. Being in the morning wave, how did the conditions change from when you first teed off until you finished?

BRITTANY LANG: I'll tell you what, that first hole was tough. That back left pin with a leftright wind, that was a really hard hole. Both the girls in my group made double and bogey, and I felt like I stole one with a birdie there. With this wind, the course is a little bit more difficult than I remember it because you're playing into the wind on some of the holes where you're normally hitting wedge. Like I hit a 6iron into one and a 6iron into three, and I remember hitting wedges into those holes. It was tougher.

Q. Is it even different in the thought process from the practice round even earlier this week?

BRITTANY LANG: I didn't play a practice round, I just got in on Tuesday and played the proam. He wind was the same in the proam so I just thought if the wind's the same, I didn't think the scores would be quite as low as they usually are, which I don't think they are. Normally I think they're even lower, aren't they?

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