Stacy Lewis: Thursday Interview 2015

Q. Just tough to get it going, putts go in on the back nine there?

STACY LEWIS: Yeah, I just didn't get off to a very good start. The golf course was playing really hard early this morning and didn't really get anything going, then couldn't get any putts to fall there on the back nine so kind of a frustrating day.

Q. Any reason why it was playing hard early?

STACY LEWIS: The wind was blowing early this morning. It was colder, the wind was blowing. I don't think I ever hit 4iron into the third hole before, so I was just hitting clubs into holes that, you know, I've never hit.

Q. Even on a day when the putts don't go in, is it still good knowing it didn't run away from you?

STACY LEWIS: Yeah. I mean, if you look the way the golf course  the golf course is playing hard. The greens are as fast as I've ever seen them. So you're  nobody's running away with this thing. I think the minute you get too aggressive is when the golf course kind of catches up to you.

Q. I saw you kind of pat Yani on the back there, what was that?

STACY LEWIS: I just told her it was nice to see the Yani of old, that was all. You saw some moments today  still some things she wanted to clean up, but there were some moments today it was Yani of old and I told her it's good to see her back.

Q. That hybrid on 17 was Yani of old for sure, wasn't it?

STACY LEWIS: Yeah, that was definitely Yani. Just the drives she was hitting, you could see some confidence in her driver today and just really haven't seen that in a few years.

Q. Seems like you want her back up there battling you every week again?

STACY LEWIS: Yeah, for sure. She's just so talented, she's somebody who should be contending every week on this tour. To see her kind of go through what she's gone through and how she's kind of fought her way out of it is pretty cool. I would like to be it was fun playing with her back in, I guess it was 2010, 2011 when we were playing in all the final groups together, so it would be fun to be doing that again.

Q. There's not many people on this tour that can outdrive you by 25 yards like she did on 17, is there?

STACY LEWIS: No, but that's Yani. That's why Yani was such a dominant No. 1 was because of the driver and how good she hit it. It's coming back, and that's a scary thing for the rest of us because we've got to get on our games.

Q. What do you think is going to hold up after today?

STACY LEWIS: Score wise? Oh, I have no idea, I'm not good with that stuff. People always seem to shoot a low number here or there, it just all depends on the wind. We've had wind the last couple days. If it picks up, like I said, this morning it played extremely hard. I don't know, I just don't see anybody running away with it.

Q. Lang goes out there and shoots 6under after being a captain's pick. Is that good to see?

STACY LEWIS: Yeah, I love seeing that. She was 6under early so it's good to see a teammate up there on the leaderboard playing some good golf. She's one that she's not going to play any different that she's a captain's pick versus if she made the team herself. She just goes out there and plays golf and it's nice to see her making some putts.

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