Stacy Lewis: Tuesday Interview 2015

Q. All right, Stacy, returning back here to Alabama, played well here in the past. Kind of talk about coming back to Alabama, how you're feeling.

STACY LEWIS: I feel good. This is a place I've had success, played here a lot, so I love coming back to the south. The food's a little bit better, kind of the pace I'm used to a little bit, so I love coming here. And playing well last week, it's good to come off a week like that and to be playing again right away.

Q. What's your mindset? I mean, you had a great success last week, coming in here you kind of bring that momentum?

STACY LEWIS: Yeah, you know, I felt like last week every day I got a little bit closer with my game. You know, the good thing is I'm playing this week. If I were sitting at home, I think that would make Sunday's finish a little bit tougher, but the fact that I'm teeing it up again right away is really a good thing. My game's really close to playing some really good golf.

Q. Monday was the announcement of the Solheim team as well as last night's captain's picks. Can you kind of go over what your reaction is to captain's picks?

STACY LEWIS: Yeah. It's been a cool process, Juli's had a pretty involved really in the whole thing. I knew before play started on Sunday kind of where we were going and what was going to happen, so it's just been cool to be involved. Juli's really made us a part and really kind of take ownership of our team. It's been a cool process so far. I'm happy with the picks. You've got two veterans there that are great in the team room, especially Brittany Lang I think everybody wanted there. It would be weird to have a Solheim Cup without Paula. I really like the picks and I like the way our team is playing right now.

Q. Headed to the last few weeks before you guys head to Germany. What's the game plan for you guys and what do you think the strategy is?

STACY LEWIS: Game plan is we've got to play some good golf and that's really what it comes down to, and Juli knows that. I think everybody's just going to be a little more matter of fact this year, just going out there to play some golf. It's really what it comes down to. So we'll use these next couple weeks to rest up and practice. But I like the way Lexi and Alison Lee are playing right now, especially Alison Lee, the rookie, is going to be, I think, a little bit of a dark horse for us and we might ride her a little bit, but I think she'll play really well over there.

Q. Is it pretty amazing to you to see a rookie literally in eight months get on that Solheim Cup team.

STACY LEWIS: Yeah, it's great to see. It's great to see her earn her way on to the team. Those Rolex spots, that's really what they were designed for. They were designed to get the player that's playing well this year that maybe didn't have as much time to earn their spot. I'm happy that she earned her spot there. I think she was one of those people that she watched the points, she knew where she stood, she knew where she was in the rankings and she still played good golf. So somebody that can handle that pressure and be okay with it is somebody you want on your team.

Q. Juli mentioned that she was a little concerned at the start of the year with the way the American team were playing and then they kind of rallied. Have you seen that, too?

STACY LEWIS: Yeah, I think a Solheim Cup year, everybody kind of starts to get into it more as the year goes on. It's something that these last few weeks, I think the girls on the bubble have been putting so much pressure on themselves that they haven't just played golf the way they know how to do. I look for these next two events to see some good golf out of the Americans because that pressure is gone of making the team and now we can just play golf again.

Q. Karen was actually saying that yesterday, that she felt so relieved and actually went on to win her next event after she was the captain's pick. Do you think that's going to kind of free Paula up, being selected?

STACY LEWIS: I do. I talked to Paula, I played with her in Portland and I know how much the Solheim Cup means to her. She was trying really hard to make that team and she didn't want to be a captain's pick, she wanted to make it on her own and there's a lot of pressure there. And she's never been there, either. She's kind of smoothed her way into every Solheim prior to this point. It's a hard spot to be in. So she's got a couple weeks off and I think she's going to be playing a lot of golf, just getting the ball in the hole because that's what she does best and I think she'll be fine.

Q. What's it like for you to come out here and participate in the Champions Challenge and see all these kids come out and cheer you on?

STACY LEWIS: It's awesome. I think every year it seems like we have more and more kids, they get more into it every year. It's fun to come back here as a past winner and to celebrate that. The way that this tournament supports the local community, you can see it in these kids and it's a great event every year.

Q. What is it about this golf course that suits your game so well. Sixth, win, runnerup last year, what is it?

STACY LEWIS: I just  well, I like the layout and I like it when this golf course place firm and fast, and I think we've had that quite a few times the past few years. You can just kind of bomb it and go find it. I think you've seen that in the winners, they all seem to hit it pretty far, and it comes down to hitting the right spots on the greens and making putts. It's just a fun course to play and I think just being back in the south is just really relaxing for me.

Q. Good place to break through potentially for a win this week? I know it's on your mind.

STACY LEWIS: Yes, the win has definitely been on the mind. I've been close a lot this year and doing it here would be really nice, especially leading into Evian and Solheim just to get that momentum. If I keep building off what I worked on last week and the good things I did last week, I think I'll be just fine.

Q. know you said you were working on getting back to where you thought the swing was in 2013. Where is that process at now? I know you had to feel pretty good about the 67 on Sunday.

STACY LEWIS: Yeah, the golf swing is actually really close. The golf swing was better in Portland, and then last week was even better. I actually changed balls to a different Bridgestone ball last week and that was really kind of the catalyst that got things going in the right direction. I saw just the ball reacting the way it should into the greens. You start trusting more what's going to happen off the clubface because of that.

Q. What are you looking for in a ball change, is that spin rate? What are you looking for when you're making a change like that?

STACY LEWIS: Well, I had to change balls because mine came off the conforming list in January, so this is the third different Bridgestone ball I've played now, so it's been a harder process than I thought. I played the same ball for six years and then to change, to make a change like that has been a lot harder. We're playing under different conditions every week, so that's the hardest part. You play on a soft golf course, you really can't tell a lot about the golf ball. You're looking for the way it reacts into the greens, the way it reacts around the greens, all that kind of stuff. But I think I finally kind of settled in on one I think is going to be a good one.

Q. Seems like in recent years, the two events prior to Evian have been kind of a good precursor for who goes on to win that event, challenges at that event. How important is it to go into there playing well right now?

STACY LEWIS: Well, it's really important because Evian is a golf course that you're not going to find your game on. It's a tricky golf course, it's kind of quirky. You're hitting off a lot of sidehill lies, so you have to have your game going into that week. You're not going to find it once you get there. So it's important to have a good off week before and be playing well going into t.

Q. And Juli's talked about this, she wants you to be the leader of this team. Is that pressure on you or do you feel good about that role?

STACY LEWIS: We've talked about it and I think I'm ready for it. The last two, you're kind of uncertain of who really is the leader. I was the top points getter in Ireland, but it was my first one so I didn't really know where I stood. So I'm ready for that role, I'm ready to be the leader and hold myself a little bit more accountable for my actions and be someone that the girls can look to on how to handle certain situations, and need to step up and play some good golf, too.

Q. What's the important thing you're looking for in a partner? I know people talk about game fits and all that. What's important there?

STACY LEWIS: I think the important thing in a partner is somebody that plays a similar style of golf, and then somebody that you obviously have to get along with them. I think a lot of emphasis sometimes is put on the game and who's going to play well together, but a lot of times it's just personality and who gets along and how the caddies get along, how the caddies interact. That's something we've already been working on as a team. It started earlier this year and we've been working on it throughout the year playing some practice rounds together and kind of working on things, so it's been an ongoing process the last six months.

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