Senator Course

RTJ Golf Trail at Capitol Hill / Prattville, AL

One of the most popular sites on the Trail, Capitol Hill, in Prattville, continues to get praises from golfers and golf writers alike. The Senator course, host of the Yokohama Tire LPGA Classic, was named among the Top 10 New Courses in the nation by Golf Magazine.

Located in Prattville, approximately 13 miles north of Alabama's state capital, Capitol Hill features three 18-hole championship courses. With more than 1,500 acres of golf and nature, the pure magnitude of this facility is amazing and allows each course to be drastically different from the others.

The Senator course is a Scottish-Links style course with beautifully manicured Champion greens. The course holds over 160 pot-hole bunkers and has mounds 20 to 40 feet in height to create a secluded setting for each hole.

1Hole #1

Par 4 • 370 Yards

Hole No. 1 on the Senator is a dogleg right par-4. Avoid the bunkers guarding both sides of the fairway to leave a mid- to short-iron to a very accessible green. Hole location will dictate how aggressive the approach shot can be played because trouble fronts the green.

2Hole #2

Par 3 • 165 Yards

The need for a long iron or fairway wood off the tee makes the par-3 second hole more difficult. The front of the huge green is protected by three deep bunkers, and a ridge bisects the middle of the green, separating the front section from the back.

3Hole #3

Par 4 • 390 Yards

The short par-4 third hole requires an accurate tee shot to avoid fairway bunkers dotting the right side of the hole. A good drive will leave a short iron approach to a tiered green protected in front by bunkers. The double green is shared with Hole No. 7.

4Hole #4

Par 4 • 369 Yards

You need to carry a pot bunker that sits in the middle of the fairway with your drive on the par-4 fourth hole. The back-right portion of the green is sloped downhill and can be used to funnel the ball close if the pin is cut there.

5Hole #5

Par 5 • 540 Yards

The first par-5 on the Senator is one of the longest and most difficult holes on the Trail. At 681 yards from the tips, three well-struck shots are needed to find the green in regulation. The green is protected by three pot bunkers.

6Hole #6

Par 4 • 385 Yards

Squeeze your tee shot in between bunkers from an elevated tee on the par-4 sixth hole. The tiered green is angled away from the fairway meaning the hole plays more difficult the further back the flag is cut.

7Hole #7

Par 3 • 174 Yards

It is wise to take extra club off the tee on the par-3 seventh hole because the green sits high above the fairway and any shot that comes up short will leave a tough chip to save par. A ridge runs through the middle of the green so knock it close to avoid a difficult putt.

8Hole #8

Par 5 • 507 Yards

Depending on the wind, the two pot bunkers on the right can sometimes be carried off the tee. Make sure your second shot clears a bunker in the middle of the fairway and you should be left with a great chance for birdie.

9Hole #9

Par 4 • 376 Yards

A daring drive can leave you with a wedge for your approach. It could also leave you in a fairway bunker or, worse, the high, thick grass the Senator course is famous for. If the pin is cut in the back of the green you can use a severe slope to funnel the ball close to the cup.

10Hole #10

Par 5 • 547 Yards

Long hitters can reach the green on this par-5 in two if you cut the corner with your drive. The green slopes severely from back to front and right to left, leaving a difficult putt no matter where the hole is located.

11Hole #11

Par 4 • 400 Yards

Pot bunkers are scattered down the right side of the fairway on this straight par-4, so play to the left with your tee shot. A good drive will leave you with a middle iron to a green that is easily accessible.

12Hole #12

Par 4 • 391 Yards

Hole No. 12 is probably the most difficult par-4 on the Senator because of two things: length and bunkers, and this hole has plenty of both! A great drive is needed to see around the dogleg or you will be left with a blind approach for your second.

13Hole #13

Par 3 • 155 Yards

Hole location determines how this par-3 should be played. When the pin is cut in the back, play to the middle of the green. However, you can be more aggressive with a front or middle hole location. Deep bunkers flank both sides of the green.

14Hole #14

Par 4 • 363 Yards

Carry the bunkers and cut the corner of this dogleg right for extra roll and a shorter approach shot. If your drive does end up in a pot bunker there is plenty of bailout room to the front right side of the green to leave you with a chance to save par.

15Hole #15

Par 4 • 389 Yards

A blind tee shot awaits you on this par-4 because the fairway drops sharply downhill after the 150 yard marker. The approach is severely uphill and the elevated green is protected by three pot bunkers.

16Hole #16

Par 3 • 152 Yards

Proper club selection is vital on this difficult par-3. Three pot bunkers guard the severely sloping putting surface. Shots hit to the right of the green will find the hazard. Par is a great score.

17Hole #17

Par 5 • 515 Yards

A classic risk/reward hole, Hole No. 17 can make or break a round. The trouble on this par-5 comes from the precision it demands with each shot. A well-placed drive will leave you with the option of playing safe and laying up or going for the green in two with a shot that must carry a deep ravine.

18Hole #18

Par 4 • 411 Yards

A perfect drive will leave you with a slightly uphill approach to a large, well-guarded green on the Senator's final hole. The elevated green slopes from back to front. Use the slopes to your advantage to set up a chance for a closing birdie.